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About Us ELA JEN is an Integrated Educational programme for class 6-12 to nurture students' minds in true and Deep learning, instead of rote learning.

ELA JEN, has the resources, the commitment and most importantly, the vision to enable achievements. Integrated programme provides a stress-free learning environment, and a dual advantage for students, enabling them to excel in competitive exams, and produce the best results in the board exams, as per the respective board curriculum of the school. It includes a Comprehensive syllabus and Integrated study plan of both Board and competitive exams.This programme will provide systematic and structured study material, to cover the entire syllabus.

  • Foundation programme for class 6 7 8
  • Advanced programme for Class 9 and 10
  • Advanced+ programme for class 11 and 12
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Our Courses We provide 3 courses for different levels

Get started right from the Foundation course where you learn new concepts in Maths and Science.

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Class 6, 7, 8

Every great thing has one thing in common: Solid Foundation. It is a course to lay a solid foundation in Maths and science, as well as to broaden their learning horizons, which will be prerequisites, for their higher classes. The ultimate goal is to instil a fondness for basic Maths and science concepts and to experience different formats of Olympiad exams, which will help to prepare students for future competitions. Subjects covered will be Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Mental Ability. Separate faculties for all subjects.

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Class 9, 10

In the advanced programme, which is for class 9 and 10, students are exposed to NTSE level exams. Its objective is to assist learners acquire analytical and logical problem-solving skills. This will bridge the gap between Class 10 and 11. Subjects covered will be Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Mental Ability. Separate faculties for all subjects.

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Advanced Plus

Class 11, 12

This is a two year classroom program that includes Board exam preparation along with competitive exam preparation.

  • Experienced and reputed faculties
  • Structurized study materials and study plan, synchronised with respective board curriculum
  • DPP- Daily practice problems
  • NEET/JEE pattern Test series
  • Access to ELA-JEN question bank, which includes one lakh plus questions, arranged unit wise for practice with Adaptive learning technology
  • Syllabus will be covered within the school timings and thereby unlocking the extra time needed for self study


  • This study programme is designed with meticulous care to cater to students aspiring to top NEET 2023. This course will serve best to the students in class 12th and repeaters. This is a 45 days course starting from 20th Jan 2023 to 5th April 2023.
  • The sole focus of the classroom sessions will be problem solving and the whole NEET curriculum will be covered within the course period including the syllabus of Class 11 & 12. Curated study materials apt for covering the topics in a structured manner is included in the course programme.
  • Classes handled by highly experienced faculties from esteemed universities and colleges like IITs/NITs/Centrally funded colleges will give the students an edge in quick grasping and resolutions effectively
  • Topic wise, part syllabus and mock test series will help you analyse the performance and improve yourself to score better in NEET 2023. The ELAJEN app will serve as a medium to follow up the schedule and asses your performance.

Fees structure

  • Course fee- Rs.9999 only
  • Residential - Rs.9999 + Rs.10200 (For Food and Accommodation)
  • Week Boarding - Rs.9999 + Rs.8840 (Excluding Sundays)

Study materials

  • Separate materials for Physics, Chemistry, Biology including synopsis, practice questionnaire.
  • Previous year question worksheets


  • Boarding facility is available
  • 24/7 tech support through ELA JEN APP


Aakash - JEE Advanced (AIE – 4789)
Akil - JEE Advanced (AIE – 15860)
Devakrishna - JEE Mains (235/360)


Aswathi Deepak (610)
Devakrishna (500)
Subhan Pradeep (429)


Samrat - JEE Mains (AIR – 15060)


Keerthivasan (549)
Alan Moses (537)
Suraj (515)


Alan Moses (Round 1)


Sabishree - JEE Mains (98.78 %ile)
Rithwik - JEE Mains (97.28 %ile)
Prasanna - JEE Mains (96.7 %ile)


Sabisree (590)
Charumathi (560)
Preethi (502)


Shreya - JEE Mains (99.87 %ile)
Jayanth - JEE Mains (99.7 %ile)
Ganesh S - JEE Mains (99.3 %ile)
Ganesh S - JEE Mains (99.2 %ile)


Nithila Kannan (670)
Ilakia (640)
Mithun Ganesh (638)


Gokul P (Round 1)


Gokul S - JEE Mains (99.4 %ile)


Balasubramanian (680)
Harikrishna (672)
Veerappan (620)


Veerappan (Round 1 & 2)
  • 71

    JEE Achievers

  • 529

    NEET Achievers

  • 3

    KVPY Achievers

  • 510

    Medical Placements

  • 65

    NIT & IIT Placements

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Our Tutors Best tutors from India

We have hand picked the best tutors from the country who have exceptional knowledge in coaching the students for the exams

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Math IIT JEE mains/Advanced

5+ yrs Experience

B.Tech NIT Calicut, M.Tech NIT Trichy

image description


Chemistry IIT JEE mains/Advanced/NEET

3+ yrs Experience

M.Tech IIT Kharagpur

image description


Physics IIT JEE mains/Advanced/NEET

3+ yrs Experience

B.Tech NIT Calicut

image description


Foundation Physics- NTSE/Olympiad

7+yrs Experience

MSc. Physics B.Ed

image description


Foundation Math- Olympiad

3+yrs Experience

BSc Math

image description


Foundation Physics - NTSE/Olympiad

2+yrs Experience

MSc Chemistry

image description

Deep Singh

Math - JEE Mains

5+ yrs Experience


image description

M Dinesh Kumar

Foundation Physics- NTSE/Olympiad

5+ yrs Experience


image description

Vimal Samual Raj

Foundation Chemistry- NTSE/Olympiad

1+ yrs Experience

Msc, BEd in Chemistry

Our Students Students Feedback

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In my opinion, stack is the best option of someone has to clear JEE/NEET Or nay other competitive exam. The concept taught are very clear and perfectly logical. I have personally seen NCERT students suffering due to lack of info taught to them. Many chapters are not taught to them, but for any competitive exam they were really important. someone who can understand the concept taught by stack, NCERT would be a piece of cake. One could easily top boards as well as clear any competition exam by the help of stack. The cost is worth it and iam glad opted for slack. Himansu choudhary
image icon
Stack classes are more useful. I learn higher level of concepts than the NCERT ones. Iam even able to understand the NCERT concept better as iam attending stack classes. Because of stack classes I score more marks for exams. We learn shortcuts to solve questions quickly. These classes were really useful during the pandemic. All thr teachers are really supporting and they help us a lot. These classes are really useful for my future. Jhanani
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When I first joined the stack programme I was in grade 8.From my two year experience I realised stack wasn't an ordinary teaching programme. The syllabus was almost 2 times hard from NCERT syllabus. I had no idea on what was taught the teachers guided me on the topics. Conclusively stack teachers, syllabus and the books have guided me well for the past two years. It has made my NCERT exams a piece of cake. Discarding thr fees, stack is worth it for its guidance. Shree thilak
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I feel stack classes are more useful to do well in competitive exams. It gives us more clear ideas and lot of practice questions. Concepts are dealt in a very detailed manner with lots of examples. It helps us to crack competitive exams easily and helps us to score good. Stack book have many extra concepts and content which are useful to us in understanding concepts better. So, I prefer stacks books for more clarity. Raji. S XII

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You get to study the subjects well and get deep understanding of the curriculum. The focus is on conceptual learning rather than rote learning.

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